Salàrio Todd Phillips

  • Diretor do filme - Joker
  • Data de nascimento: 1970, New York, US
  • Anual: 6 940 502,00 MTn
  • Mensal: 578 375,17 MTn
  • Semanal: 133 471,19 MTn
  • Diariamente: 26 694,24 MTn
Todd Phillips Nov 2019: According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources claimed the director will earn close to $100million (£77million) for his slice of the pie after ‘he deferred his upfront salary in exchange for a bigger slice of the adjusted gross’. It’s not the first time Todd has wrangled such a move according to the publication, that reported for the first Hangover movie he did the same thing, with the OG offering taking in $467.5million (£360million) worldwide at the box office.


Update: 2020-2


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